Facebook’s data export is broken

(Edit: It looks to me like Facebook’s engineers found this post and fixed the issue, though I’m not entirely sure as to the causation. You gotta give it to them, that’s some pretty responsive engineering.)

Jeez, guys, I only update once a month, why am I spending time on stuff like this? Because it’s easy to think about and I had a minute.

So you can export your data from Facebook now. Good on ya, Facebook. I even recovered my password to check out this killer feature. (Not this one.) Go to Account -> Account Settings -> Download Your Information.

Facebook will email you when a link to your zip is ready. I got my link in about an hour. My profile is kind of photo heavy and weighed in at 61MB.

You actually get a nice, lightweight, navigable profile. (See the above screenshot, shoutoutz to BBone, et. al.) Nothing’s paginated, so scroll away. It’s barely styled and I found myself wishing the normal Facebook UI was more like this. You’ve got almost everything here: your wall posts, your friend list, and your photos.

Wait, the last one. Something about the last one. Yeah, it doesn’t work. Looking at the code, it seems they’ve url-encoded the slashes in the img src and href, so stuff doesn’t show up. A few of the links do work, but they link to Facebook itself, which also seems broken, maybe. Code:

<a href="album-Profile%20Pictures.html"><img width="149" height="200" src="../photos%2FProfile%20Pictures%2F432293561980.jpg"/></a>

I was this close to being done, but now I’ll have to wait for this bug to get fixed to redownload. In the meantime, you may comment on this post and pretend it’s my Facebook wall because I’m going to go randomize my password again.


6 responses to “Facebook’s data export is broken

  1. At least you have the feature. It’s not enabled on my account (yet?).

  2. Paul Buchheit

    Sorry about that. The problem should be fixed now. Please try again.

  3. No problem at all, Paul. I knew you guys would fix it, otherwise I would have sed’d the thing and been done 🙂

    Also, let me reiterate, other than this minor issue, the feature is really polished and comforting (and I don’t even consider myself a privacy nut). So, thank you. Especially for working on a Saturday.

  4. I’ve been trying for 2 weeks to get the download. I end up in a logic loop. get copy, wait for archive email, follow link to download, enter password, get copy, wait for archive email…I never get to the zip file….:0(

  5. my facebook is frozen and wont load im a skateboarder i need to get ahold of my contacts and cant even do that either i just did a skateboard comp and if my facebook is gonna keep being frozen im gonna lose all contacts for finding out about skateboard comps how do i fix it

  6. is there a download to fix my facebook if so e-mail it to me

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