Monthly Archives: October 2008

Hello, world! – A Preliminary Posit

Welcome to blogs. This is one. I had a chance to start a blog way back in the day, 2002ish. Iran has a wacky love affair with The Internet (see,, and Orkut).

I would have been on the forefront then. But I was like “what’s the point?” Even now my justifications aren’t super compelling:

  1. I probably have a little extra time
  2. I kind of look forward to looking back and shaking my head.
  3. I am maybe trying to broadcast to approximately 3 people in a fashion beyond a comment attached to an article shared on Google Reader.

Anyway, that’s not too bad for a first post. Ah, and eventually I’ll probably end up talking about

  • Comps and techs and progs,
  • sweet Linux commands,
  • some web development (PHP, Flash),
  • politics of the Orient (Easts ranging from Middle to Far),
  • and some personal stuff, like side-projects and maybe some music or product reviews, idk.