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SILT: Aptana SFTP and symbolic links edition

The van and some wind power

The van and some wind power

Short post today because I’m too tired to think at the moment. Something I learned just now is that Aptana Studio, my web development editor of choice, does not follow symbolic links when you’re syncing through SFTP (ftp over ssh). Furthermore, Dreamhost, my general-purpose host because I got 2 years for 20 bucks, doesn’t support FTPS (ftp with ssl). So Aptana will hang while it tries to connect (and there’s no cancel button). And now I have to use FTP, which is of course insecure. Edit: And FTP doesn’t work either. I will have to think about/research this more later.

And don’t even get me started on Django and WSGI. On the brighter side of things, Dreamhost has git, yay.