Happy Birthday, Superdrivel!

The G20 hits 50,000 miles

Speaking of birthdays, the van turned over its 50,000th mile recently. It's doing great, though we both almost died while I took this picture.

Celebrations all around! Superdrivel turned 1 on October 24th.  Of course, I didn’t really start bloggin’ on it till January, and even then it was just to whine about blogging.


  • 33 posts (prior to this one) – that’s 25% more than every other week!
  • 64 non-spam comments (almost 2 per post!)
  • 69 spam comments, all but one of them blocked automatically by Akismet.
  • Top post (by pageviews) – the iron gym is great (~1200 views)
  • Top post (by comments) – Is Gentoo dying? (14 comments)
  • Top search topics (paraphrased) – “iron gym”, “the a-team van“, “gentoo”, and “benjamins
  • 28 Google Reader subscribers – I missed the FeedBurner boat, so it might be even more.
    • I ❤ all of you. I would feel pretty silly if no one read this stuff.

Lately, I’ve also been averaging around 20 hits per day to the blog in general. Not that traffic is important, just wanted to let you know you’re not completely alone in this remote corner of the intermist.

PARTY IN THE COMMENTS! Now’s your chance to tell me how to be a better blogger/friend/person!


8 responses to “Happy Birthday, Superdrivel!

  1. Ben, Oltman, Person, Mehlbrech, Cori, Bone, Batman, Alan, et. al., what’d you get me for my birthday? I’m calling you all out. Anonymous or otherwise, I wanna see posts.

  2. Cynthia: Get up and dance to the music!
    Get on up and dance to the fonky music!
    All: Dance to the Music, Dance to the Music
    Freddie: Hey Greg!
    Greg: What?
    Freddie: All we need is a drummer,
    for people who only need a beat
    I’m gonna add a little guitar
    and make it easy to move your feet
    Larry: I’m gonna add some bottom,
    so that the dancers just won’t hide
    Sly: You might like to hear my organ
    playing “Ride Sally Ride”
    You might like to hear the horns blowin’,
    Cynthia on the throne, yeah!
    Cynthia & Jerry got a message they’re sayin’:
    Cynthia: All the squares, go home!
    All: Dance to the Music, Dance to the Music

  3. Nice stats. Keep up the work. Bear in mind, about 800 of those hits to the Iron Gym post were by me.

  4. Wow! What a great year! Thanks for all the memories and have a GREAT summer! LOL (laughing out loud at how great this summer is gonna be).

  5. It’s your birthday!

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  7. I brought my own stat to the party:

    # Mixes posted: 3
    # Mixes that *should’ve* been posted: ~9

    (I like your mixes. Please continue posting them. Happy birthday.)

  8. Aww man, no one told me we were supposed to bring presents!

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