New House

A snazzy floorplan I whipped up

A snazzy floorplan I whipped up

Finally. It took a month to find it and move in, but here I am. Posting pictures of my new house.


  • 2 bed/1 bath
  • 2 blocks from Japantown
  • 2 blocks from the light rail
  • Work and downtown both bikable
  • Front yard/deck/white picket fence/American dream
  • $1450/month
  • ~920 sq. ft.
  • 1 year lease

Review so far

The place is nice. You couldn’t tell that the house is a hundred plus years old from looking at it (except for the eye-level front door knob). New paint, water heater, carpet, fixtures, everything. I’m not huge into hardwood floors, but these are definitely high quality. The default lighting is pleasant and even without A/C the place keeps almost the perfect temperature. It also seems larger than some 1000 sq ft apartments I visited. There may be too many windows, from a noise perspective, but the blinds are not the cheap kind by a long shot.

I’ve got to say, there are at least 2 noticeable shortcomings. For one, there is no peephole in my door. This is strange. And, secondly, most unfortunately, I regret to report that: the thick, sturdy, turn-of-the-century doorframes do not support Iron Gyms. Not a one of the twelve. I guess I will never get strong or ripped as advertised.


Click the house for a flickr set.

My house(a lot more work went into the floor plan than the photography, mostly so I could calculate what furniture to craigslist.)


3 responses to “New House

  1. wow, a beautiful house with white fence 🙂

  2. Nice place Mahmoud – looks really clean.

  3. it’s quite pretty. Also, that’s a pretty decent price for such a nice/clean/decent neighborhood house!

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