Chop. They‘re great. Bought one from Walgreens (save on shipping price and time, but you don’t get the cheese grater thing). It’s great, pretty much just as great as the IronGym (keeping with the “As seen on TV” scheme). Kinda steep at 20 bucks, but it feels sturdy enough. Quick tip: it’s more efficient to cut stuff into biggish chunks and then slapchop for dicing. Super great in that respect. My hands don’t smell nearly as much of onions. Also, another quick tip, just skin the onion yourself.

As for me, school’s basically through and I’m done phase 1 of moving, so I thought I’d pop in and let you know to expect some more posts. I’ve been keeping pretty busy with projects and musings, so hopefully they’ll be interesting. In the meantime, watch this again.


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