1985 Cheverolet G20

I recently added to my collection of possessions with the purchase of a 1985 Cheverolet G20 Conversion Van.

My 1985 G20 and I

My 1985 G20 and I

Without further ado, here are the relevant stats:

  • 46,000 miles
  • 4 super-comfy captain seats that fold all the way down and swivel.
  • No consequential rust.
  • Previous owner was a retired mechanic, kept it in great shape.
  • 20 mpg highway
  • Spiffy windshield visor (it’s like my van is playing golf all the time!)
  • $1200.
  • $1200.

Originally I was searching for a light truck to move all my junk cross-country to my new job after graduation, but this works so much better. It has so much room and handles a lot better than one would expect.

The A-Team Van

The A-Team Van

Being that I was looking for a random ride and not a diamond in the rough. It’s only 2 years and a model off of the A-Team van (a 1983 G15). It’s older than 25 years, making it technically a classic car. For a while, I felt a desire, no, an obligation, to renovate and restore it. After all, they don’t make conversion vans anymore, and I basically hit the jackpot. I should do my part to preserve history.

Except that would cost about $3000 or so. If you want it done right, it’s going to cost you. In the end, I think I’d rather donate the money to a charity than obsessing over and over-investing in the market of fleeting worldly items. Ah well. If you want to dissuade me, hit me up in the comments.

A looong exposure of the interior of my G20 van.

A looong exposure of the interior of my G20 van. Feel free to make it your wall paper. Copyleft, etc.

P.S. The easiest way to car shop is to subscribe to your local Craigslist RSS feed for vehicles sold by owner. A couple times per day, peruse for a minute and you’re done. Glorious.


2 responses to “1985 Cheverolet G20

  1. Can we live in it this summer and next year? We are having trouble finding a house. I think Nick is already subscribed to the CL RSS house4rent feed.

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