Cloudkick is awesome

Cloudkick LogoOh man, cloud computing. It gets talked about a lot, and usually in a really fluffy, “it’s-the-future” sort of way. I’m not sure if we’re all going to have a unified online OS by 2011, but cloud computing is serious business for Internet startups. The ability to lease and scale in smaller and smaller units means a lot for reducing initial costs and maintaining a high level of service for your growing product.

Of course, using cloud-hosting services like Amazon EC2 leads to a different flavor of complexity compared to a considerably more traditional/less scalable/more expensive solution like a dedicated server. So, what can one do to keep it simple while taking advantage of the features offered by cloud computing?

If you haven’t seen it on TechCrunch already, Cloudkick is a free service that can help you do just that. I got a chance to use it a bit during private beta and was very impressed. Alex Polvi and friends at y-combinator have put together a very simple, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing way to monitor and manage all manner of nodes, all from within your browser. Really, some of the stuff these guys do with JavaScript is amazing. (It’s got a sweet in-browser console and it introduced me to the Orbited JavaScript networking library.)

Anyway, if you’ve already got some nodes of your own, or even if you’re just a startup hopeful like myself, I recommend letting the site speak for itself. It’s free, it’s public now, and it’s growing fast.


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