Jobs and work and personal development and stuff (pt. 2)

For all you nail-biters, here’s the belated follow-up on this post. Summary for those just tuning in: I was telling my bosses how I don’t want to work on the project they gave me, for various reasons.

The reply was very favorable, striking positive notes on all counts. Highlights include:

  • A thank you for bringing it up
    “…yes, definitely thank you for bringing this up…”
  • Acknowledgment of my main points
    “It’s good to be aware of effort vs. value… it’s probably at a reasonable stopping point.”
  • Further kudos
    “… being able to communicate effectively about this sort of thing is really important, so you’re on the right track.”
  • New prospects
    “I have a much longer-term project I want to get going, so it’s ok if we wrap this one up for now.”

So, great. I think it’s a good example of how a good workplace is far superior to even above-average school environments; at work, you should be able to have a fair amount of say in the work you do. I know I’m new at this, but I believe that when it comes to knowing your skill set and how it can work for your company, few people have more pertinent input than yourself.


2 responses to “Jobs and work and personal development and stuff (pt. 2)

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  2. I enjoyed this story and I’m glad it turned out well for you. Definitely seems like a very difficult thing to do (telling your boss that you suck) but the ability to be transparent with your motivations is invaluable imho.

    Reading this also helps remind me how much I would hate to be a manager. I want to create, not deal with whiny employees all day šŸ˜‰

    e-props on these two poasts. And the sweet van.

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