the iron gym is great

The Iron-clad Gym, itself.

The Iron-clad Gym, itself.

I recently purchased an Iron Gym, ” the multifunction training system that raises the bar on upper body exercises.” It’s a pull-up bar. But get this: it requires no installation. And it’s surprisingly great, despite its As Seen On TV nature, so here’s a brief review.

First, it’s not made of Fe; it seems more like Al and good amout of FoRu (foam rubber). Also, it’s not fully made. Some minor assembly is required, takes like 4 minutes, after which it feels pretty sturdy. I tossed it up on my dorm door frame and slammajammed some iron. Four whole gyms worth of iron, by the feel of it. But the good news is that the IG took it all and then some. It really does work very well.

Now that you know it’s great, you probably want that keen insight and sharp criticism you’ve gotten used to in my 5-post run as a blogger. First, it is about $30. This is kind of high-priced, but I think a regular pullup bar will probably run you about $15-20 anyway, so I guess it’s not much more. Also, the foam rubber might wear over time, but by then you’ve probably gotten your 30 bucks out of it anyway.

Supposedly this is useful for other exercises. About that: it’s not really that useful for other exercises. You can do pushups on it, but it’s about the same as holding dumbells. There are “ab straps” you can get for free to do hanging exercises, but those cost 8 dollars in shipping and handling and I can do plenty of ab work without them.

It’s still great though. If you like you can buy it from Walmart or a less evil establishment, perhaps. Then if you don’t like it you can return it. But pull-ups are by far my favorite exercise, as they allow me to 3-2-1 blast-off or do David Blaine levitation impressions, all while working your biceps, lats, and rear-shoulders. Combined with dips, you get a pretty full-featured upper-body workout. Checkout how to do them with two chairs (I recommend putting weights on the chairs if they’re like the ones we get in the dorms).

So, yes, go purchase it. You’ll find yourself cranking out a couple pull-ups here and there as you walk through your door throughout the day. Get one for the office. Have a competition. Be healthy, etc. Next time I promise to post pics of me gettin’ ripped and jacked.


3 responses to “the iron gym is great

  1. I have one of these too! They kick ass.

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