t&e update

Those who know me know that I’m a big fan of Tim and Eric: bigbig fan. Most recently, their Awesome Show Great Job! has delivered three seasons of fantastic shows. However, what are they up to besides the show, and more importantly, what should one watch when the show’s not airing new episodes?

Well, lately there have been a few videos for the watching. Eric has apparently been working on a few music videos, so let me get you some links:

T&E aren’t in all of them, in fact I think they’re only in the Ben Folds one. And I think that one might even have the real Ben Folds. Regardless, the style is priceless and very recognizable (Phantom Planet has a uke and a tiny cat [vs hat]). There are even some parts that could be claimed as overly similar, but you be the judge.  Also, the Polite Dance Song one has been out for ages, but it had to be included.

And if you haven’t caught the Vodka Movie miniseries featuring Zach Galifianakis, here’s another compilation for youyouyouyou

Enjoy, but hide your chubs!

Update: I couldn’t get enough of this either, but it doesn’t really fit anywhere.


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