Shopping for munitions

In a time of war and strife, one might find oneself desiring a few armaments of one’s own. Well, this post is here to provide you with all sorts of advice.

First, don’t buy Palestinian rockets. They’re crap. In fact, you probably can’t buy them, you’ll have to hand make them, just like the Palestinians. Handmake the sugar-based propellant, scrounge up some urea and a couple kgs of TNT so you have some explosives. And then you’ll have one of these.

A Palestinian rocket, and its exxxtreme damage infliction

A Palestinian rocket, and its exxxtreme damage infliction

Yeah, total crap. No guidance system and no reliable way of targeting, period. I’ve seen sweeter rockets in SkyMall.

Instead, I recommend becoming fast friends with the U.S., they’ll give you sweet stuff, even if it’s against their own laws. Like the Arms Export Control Act of 1976, which requires that each nation that receives weapons from the United States is not using the weapons for any form of conflict escalation. But let the results speak for themselves.

That's more like it.

Israeli weapons: That's more like it.

See, that’s what I expect when I hear ‘missile fire’ or ‘shelling’. I mean, you can’t even tell if there was a shack, shanty, or shed there. Also, they got the medical van, which was wise, as I learned from some very wise World of Warcraft players: you should go after the healers first.

Anyway, this post brought to you by’s Scenes from the Gaza Strip.


3 responses to “Shopping for munitions

  1. My question is, why do you know all this. Also I am thinking I maybe do not want any missles they look dangerous idk.

    BLOG BLOG BLOG, I FOUND YOUR BLOG, I AM A STALKER. Can you guess who it is? Don’t read my entries, they’re a bunch of crap.

    hint: I found this through Facebook 😐

  2. has even more information for you. Look at the al-Quds and Qassam rockets. Here’s another link about Israel pretty much beta testing weapons in Gaza:

    The wow stuff is all courtesy of classmates.

  3. PS I’ve already read your entries markie 😉 You’re the only friend I have who uses the wordpress facebook application.

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